Maybe you were recently wowed by something you saw at a friend’s house. Maybe you’ve just seen a really cool gadget on the internet. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having an automated home. Whatever the reason, now you’re wondering: where to start with home automation?

The answer, of course, is that it depends on you and your priorities. Maybe home security is the first thing on your mind, or you might want to start with something like automated lighting. Below you’ll find a few suggestions to help you get started, but the one thing to remember with home automation is that there are a wide variety of home automation options out there. Do your research and have fun examining the possibilities!

Smart Home Security

One great answer to the question of where to start with home automation is upgrading your home with an automated security system. It can pay great dividends in terms of peace of mind and safety for yourself and your loved ones. Security systems come in a wide variety of types and levels, so do your research to determine which is best for you. For example, some systems come with 24-hour police monitoring, while others will alert your smartphone directly and then let you decide whether the police need to be called. Try this page as a great way to start your search!

Adult runs automated home through smartphone

Automated Sound and Lighting

A popular kind of home automation is the installation of smart lights and sound systems. Once again there are many options available here, so you’ll want to decide ahead of time what your budget is and what kind of functionality you want – is it simply to be able to turn the lights on or off from your phone, or do you want dimming as well? And then there’s color control, as well as the good conscience that comes from knowing you’ll never have to worry again about leaving the lights on.

Adding music to your home is another great way to upgrade – and now you have more options than ever before. Whether you choose wireless or wired systems, you’ll have the ability to control the mood in every room of your house. And not only in the house! Consider waterproof speakers in the yard or around the pool, to add the right music for any gathering.

Media & Streaming Devices

One of the first things you’ll want to automate in your home is your TV. Home theater systems are all the rage, but remember, there is not just one best cord cutting setup! From cord-cutting hardware, HD and OAT antennas, streaming devices, to some combination of these things, there are many high-quality ways to cut-the cord in 2018.

Have any questions about the best ways to cut the cable cord in your home?  Give us a call at JF Cabling so we can help improve your TV watching experience.


This has been simply a quick overview of a few of the many ways to automate your home. But bear in mind that when it comes to home automation, there are few limits besides your imagination! From vacuum cleaners to alarm clocks to radiators, there’s hardly any aspect of your house that can’t be automated. Think big!

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