Structured Cabling

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Structured Cabling for Your Whole Home

Structured Cabling makes it easier for your devices to communicate with each other and to share data on a shared network.

Using an organized infrastructure to optimize your home networks, structured cabling can help your network’s performance and maximize its system availability.

At JF Cabling, we provide structured cabling installation for your home network, home office, computer networks, or TV Networks.

Home Networks

We’ve all seen the tangled mess of cords and wires that hide behind people’s desks and entertainment centers. It’s not a pleasant look or easy to use. Installing structured cabling for your home network is an efficient and organized way to connect all of your devices and systems such as computers, scanners, mobile devices, and gaming systems. We offer you a simple, easy-to-use structured wiring system for your home network. This whole-house network includes your audio systems, data, telephone, and TV’s.

Home Office

Your home office should be as organized and productive as you are. If you work from home often, optimizing your work environment is crucial for productivity. JF Cabling can connect your computer and smart devices with your printer or copier so that you don’t have to manage each device separately. Let us do the work of integrating structured cabling into your home office, so you get a wired network you can rely on.

Computer Networks

Combining wired & wireless connections is the best way to leverage network performance in your office. Between these two systems, your work flow is far faster and more dependable. By have a central computer network, you can use things like shared drives and programs to keep all of your projects and information in one place while still using many devices. Share documents, date, and downloads faster with a shared computer network in your home or workplace.

TV Networks

The show you’re watching shouldn’t be the only thing that’s high quality. But installing a TV/Cable box can be confusing, and getting your networks to show up properly around your home can take more time than you want. JF Cabling will help you get set up and watching in no time, and install your network so that it will be easy for you to add additional TVs throughout your house. Improve your home TV experience by getting a TV network put in your home today.

Concealed Cabling (Cable Management)

JF Cabling offers premier cable management for all of your cable needs. We can set up a home network, and link all your TV’s, audio systems, and more. You don’t want to see ugly wires around your house, however. That’s why we specialize in concealed cabling, so none of the wires show, and your house looks as beautiful as ever.

Drywall Repair

You know when you hire a contractor to work on your house, and he or she leaves a big mess? JF Cabling feels your pain. We make a commitment to leave your house looking as good or better than we found it. We try to limit the amount of drywall we cut (for concealed cabling), and when we make a hole, we instantly repair it and spackle it, leaving it ready for paint.

Free, In-home Consultation and Estimate

JF Cabling offers honest estimates for our cabling services, and offer quality work for a fair price. Whether you have a large home theater project, or a simple cable cutting, we have the know-how to complete your project for you.

Contact us today to for a free in-home consultation.

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