Everyday it seems like there is something new in smart home technology. And homeowners are embracing it with enthusiasm.

But just what is available in a smart home system, and is it for me?

A smart home system is technology that ties together automation on appliances, heating and cooling, lighting, electronics, entertainment systems, security systems, and individual applications like a garage door opener. Generally, all smart home technology is programmed into a hub that can be accessed and operated within the home or remotely via Internet, tablet or smartphone.



Home Comfort

Homeowners enjoy the added comfort a smart home system can offer, as well as its energy-efficiency and cost-saving benefits. A smart thermostat installed in your heating and cooling system can “learn” your routines, and be programmed to reduce usage at times when nobody is home, saving homeowners hundreds of dollars over a year’s time.

Home Security

Home security systems integrated into a home automation system can help ensure safety and peace of mind through a variety of technologies.

Central locking systems monitor doors and windows, alerts homeowners if a breach occurs, and enables you to lock or unlock doors or windows via an app. Doorbell cameras with two-way audio, along with smart locks, fingerprint access and keypads add an extra layer of security. Security cameras and remote surveillance watch your property and can be monitored through the Internet.

A security system can sense if something goes wrong with an appliance within your home. If a water hose breaks on a washing machine or refrigerator, a wet switch can shut off the water supply before it floods the home. If you’ve left the oven on, you can remotely shut it off. Security is also applied in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors connected to a central alarm system.

Automated Sound and Lighting

Home automation allows you to program your smart home system to turn on the lights before you arrive home, and turn them off automatically when nobody is in the room. Do the same with your sound system, or add a premier whole-home audio system with surround bars or a surround sound system. You can even raise and lower the shades with a home automation system.

Media & Streaming Devices

Program your televisions to create a home theater environment. Boost your Internet signals. And cut the cable cord with streaming devices and apps or a simple antenna coupled with a DVR and streaming services. 

With every new day comes new technology and ways to improve your home media and streaming experience. Whether you just want to cut the cable cord or want to try an integrated Smart TV media set up, there are a lot of options when it comes to the best home TV and media set ups. 



There are lots of benefits to smart home systems to improve and integrate your home security, media, and automation.

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