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Home Theater Systems That You Want

Movies are amazing, and your viewing experience should be too. Check out some of our home theater systems and design the one you want.

You don’t need to spend your money on tickets and over-priced snacks when you can invest it in your own home theater system.

At JF Cabling, we can install a home theater system to make your cinematic experience the best in can be—all from your very own living room. We provide services for surround sound, A/V receivers, video projectors, media centers, and remote controls to make your home theater the real deal.

Family movies nights have never been better.

Surround Sound

Sound quality can make or break a movie experience. With our custom installations, you can get speakers throughout your house, so you can play music, listen to the radio, and watch movies with surround sound technology. With surround sound, you can improve the quality of your entertainment system and get a real professional feel in your home theater.

A/V Receiver

An Audio / Visual Receiver (or AVR) is essential to streamlining audio and visual input in your home theater. Your AVR amplifies the sound from your TV monitor, video projector, radio, DVD players, etc., and plays it over your speaker system. This is particularly useful when pairing separate audio and visual devices, such as a surround sound system with a projector or TV monitor. We will help install  your A/V Receiver into your home theater so that you can better control and manage the sound quality on your systems.

Video Projector

Projectors allow you to watch a movie on a far larger screen than your TV. Why not have your home theater feel and operate like a real theater? Video projectors can give you a high quality image with that classic theater feel to give your home theater system that custom feel.

Media Center

Having a media center in your home theater will help you better organize and access all of the movies and videos you want to watch. JF Cabling can help you install this centerpiece of your home theater, helping you to manage and stream your videos, photos, and music all on your big screen. Keep your media in one place so it’s easy to find and easier for you to enjoy on your home theater system.

Remote Control

Want to adjust the volume of your home speakers? Or adjust the streaming quality of your TV show? JF Cabling can install a centrally-located remote control so you can adjust all the devices on your home network. Be in control of your entertainment system and your smart devices, all with just an app on your phone.

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