Home Automation System

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Interior and Exterior Home Automation System

You don’t have to be in your living room to turn on the lights.

Now you can control your house’s settings at the touch of a button or the flick of a switch.

Home automation systems like the ones JF Cabling installs provide you with automated control of your house’s lighting, air conditioning, heating, audio systems, and security through an App on your tablet or smartphone. This automotive technology can even be applied to home appliances like your refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

JF Cabling can help with your home automation upgrades (which may sometimes require remodeling or renovation) by installing light dimmers and switches, smart controls and apps, automated air conditioning, and updated security features.

Light Dimmers & Switches

We install a wide range of styles, colors, and control options for dimmers and switches. We’ll help you determine the best look and position for your control openings so that they blend in seamlessly with your home and are easy to access.

Smart Control & App

Want to save money on energy costs? Want to control all your home technology from an app? We’ll help you install a light automation system (or whole home technology system) that you can control from the fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime.

Automated Air Conditioning

Don’t let your thermostat just tell you what the temperature is. With automated air conditioning, you can better regulate and manage your home’s AC without having to adjust a dial every time it gets too hot . By installing an automated air conditioning system, you can set your AC to kick in once your home reaches a certain temperature, so your house can cool itself on a hot day!


It takes more than a lock these days to keep your home safe and secure. We can integrate your home security system with a home automation system that will help ensure the safety of you and your home. These services can provide remote surveillance and security camera access that can be monitored over the Internet. Automated security can also provide a central locking system to give you efficient and effective home security.

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