If you’re going to cut the cord, you should do it right.

You want access to all of your favorite shows, you want the quality to be high, and you don’t want sixteen different devices cluttering up your TV cabinet. We get it! That’s why we wrote this article on the best cord-cutting setup to improve your at-home television and media experience.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about the TV’s, DVR’s, antennas, and more which you will need to get the best setup possible. Improve your TV setup today!

Smart TV

The most important thing you’ll need for the best cord-cutting setup is a smart TV.

Cord cutting works by streaming content directly to your TV, so you’ll want a smart TV to make that easier. With a smart TV (like an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV), you won’t need cables, cords, hard drives, or disks to stream content–it will simply stream over WiFi. (Although, if you every need hardware repair or data recovery there are companies that can help.)

A smart TV will improve the efficiency of your media watching process since it allows you to connect all your programs and subscriptions to the same device. Yes, we mean that your Netflix, Hulu, On-Demand, and other streaming and online apps and subscriptions can all be accessible on the same TV.

You can also connect external media devices to your smart TV, such as DVD/Blu Ray players or gaming consoles.

Welcome to 21st-century television.


With so much content being produced on television today, you don’t want to miss out.

And even though a lot of shows are available to stream on different Apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can’t access all TV programs that way. So yes, DVR is still as relevant and useful as ever.

You can schedule your DVR to record episodes or entire seasons of your favorite televisions programs or TV movies so you can watch them at your convenience or binge them at a later date.

DVR is also helpful to record live broadcasts and programs that may not stream online or be available to stream later on in their original format.

Gone are the days where you have to rush home to watch new episodes as they air for fear you may not be able to watch it later. Now you can.


In order to watch live TV, you’re going to want an antenna.

All major networks broadcast their live channels over broadband, and are able to be watched (for free!) with only a simple antenna.

Luckily cord cutting has developed so much to a point where you don’t need a giant satellite dish in your backyard or tones of cables and clunky antennas to pick up live TV broadcasts.

Some TV networks don’t want their live content being streamed online as it airs, so if you like watching coverage of things like award shows or sporting events, getting an over-the-air antenna might be a good investment for you.

Some good providers include Moho Leaf Metro ($20), Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse ($40), both non-amplified antennas that hang in a window and plug directly into a TV tuner, or the TERK Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna ($49).

Don’t miss out!

Cutting the cord can be a scary step to take, but once you do, you’ll never look back. Get access to all of your favorite television programs at a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite, and at an equal or higher quality!

Have any questions about how to get the best cord-cutting setup in your home? Give us a call at JF Cabling and we’ll help you cut the cord.

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