TV has changed a lot in the past century, and so should our way of watching it.

There are a lot of best cord-cutting options in 2018. Ways to watch and record television have changed dramatically in the advent of new cord-cutting technologies. The best cord-cutting setup is more than just having an online streaming subscription or a DVR.

The best cord-cutting options for 2018 include a combination of streaming apps, DVRs, and wireless antennas, which can all tremendously improve and transform your TV and movie watching experience.

1. Wireless Antennas

Gone are the days of endless adjusting your antenna to pick up a better signal. No longer do people find themselves angling their antennas near the window and they cautiously avoid tripping on tangled cords around their ankles.

Those aren’t the kind of antennas we’re talking about.

Wireless antennas allow you to pick up many broadcast cable channels without the need for a cable subscription. The biggest perk of getting a wireless antenna when you cut the cord with cable subscriptions is that you can still have access to live programming, which can’t always be found online or through other streaming services.

There are different brands and types of modern antennas with different coverage and features, so figure out what TV antenna is best for your home!

2. Antenna and DVR

Want more flexibility to view your favorite shows and save network programs? Easy.

DVRs in 2018 can be used for much more than just recording your favorite shows to watch later. Combined with a wireless antenna with an over-the-air (OTA) DVR, you can stream and record your favorite shows, live programs, and sporting events without the need for a traditional cable subscription.

Plug in an external hard drive and an antenna, then connect the Tablo box to your network over Wi-Fi or ethernet, and you can stream live or recorded TV through the Tablo app on phones, tablets, computers, media streamers, and smart TV. –TechHive

From various new TiVo products to the Channel Master DVR+ or The Nuvyyo Tablo, there are several great cord-cutting options for high-tech DVRs that will help optimize your entertainment experiences in 2018.

By combining these over-the-air DVRs with modern antennas, you can also stream your recorded shows across different devices connected to your media network. What’s stopping you?

3. Antenna, DVR, and Online Streaming Apps

Still want even more ways to watch TV programs and movies at home? No problem.

Integrating streaming apps into your media center along with OTA DVRs and wireless antennas gives you the full media package and better access to a greater range and variety of content.

Yes, you can watch Netflix on your computer or smartphone, but why not enhance the experience by linking your streaming accounts straight to your TV? This way, you can have a perfect combination of streaming platforms, DVR, and wireless antennas in your home so that you can view the content that you want when you want.

Let us break it down for you:

With streaming apps, DVR, and an antenna, you’ll be able to record and stream broadcast channels and live programming, you’ll have access to a large library of films and television programs to binge or watch at your leisure, plus you can see exclusive original TV shows and movies that are being created by streaming sites (i.e. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime).

You can have all of these things even after cutting the cord with cable.


You really can have it all.

Yes, we know it’s scary sometimes to think of the landscape of television without associating it in our mind with the traditional ideas of cable or satellite subscriptions and mainly watching shows when they air on the network.

But no worries, you can still have all of those programs and so much more by integrating a wireless antenna, OTA DVR, and streaming apps into your home media center. There are some amazing best cord-cutting options available on the market ready to improve your home television and media experience.

Have any questions about the best cord-cutting options for your home?

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